What is the CHAMP foundation?

We wish to make a donation to AZ Fisher House.

Should we send it to CHAMP?

At what address?

Champ Foundation is a 501c formed to benefit the Tucson Fisher House specifically. Donations made to CHAMP are made available for the Fisher House Manager to address the needs of the guests of the facility as soon as they are deposited.

Donations made to Fisher House Foundation in Rockville MD is primarily used to raise the multi-million dollar amounts to build new Fisher Houses. Fisher Houses are built using a 50/50 model of fundraising: 50% of the donations for a Fisher House must be generated by the local community where the house is to be built. In turn, Fisher House Foundation matches that 50% to complete the $4-6 million required to build each house. This ensures a vested interest in the success of the Fisher House after it is open and running with ongoing community support of its mission.

Champ was formed to fulfill the local community ongoing support of Fisher House Tucson  in that same spirit.
Either way, your money is supporting Veterans and Active Duty personnel and their families as their medical needs are being addressed by the VA and the military medical systems.

The June 2019 issue of Blue Cap News contains more information regarding CHAMP.  Contact information and mailing information for your check is also listed in the Blue Cap News in a 2/3rd page display ad (provided to CHAMP at no charge) or you can visit their website at www.CHAMPfoundation.org

Kelly Laurich, Arizona Fisher House Manager

email: Kelly.Laurich@va.gov

Gus Soto, Arizona Fisher House Assit. Manager

email: Gustavo.Soto@va.gov
Office Phone - 520-838-3680
3601 S. 6th Avenue (9-135FH)
Tucson, AZ  85723


SONS of The American Legion -Detachment of Arizona
4701 N. 19th Ave., Suite 200,Phoenix Az 85015-3799
Office Phone # 1-602-264-7706