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June 2, 2016  

TO:             National Officers, National Executive Committeemen

                     Detachment Commanders and Adjutants         
FROM:    Brian J. O’Hearne, National Adjutant

 SUBJECT:     Final Child Welfare Foundation Contributions 2015-2016 REPORT
                            Congratulations & Thank you

 Congratulations to all of you for another very successful year working with The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation. This has been a special year and we thank you for this tremendous untiring support.  Enclosed with this memorandum is the final SAL Child Welfare Foundation report as of May 31st for the 2015-2015 award year.  On behalf of the National Commander of the Sons of The American Legion, Kevin L. Collier, I thank each and every one of you for this outstanding achievement.  This year has been very exceptional and with all the special donations made during the spring national executive committee meeting we just fell .99% per member short of our goal. The “SAL” still remains the highest contributor to the Foundation.  We have raised $360,299.13 for this very special year.

 Special thanks are made to the following Detachments for donations exceeding $10,000: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Top honors for the top contributor goes to the Detachment of Ohio for donating $50,966.30 this year.  Fabulous effort and we thank all of you.

 The Sons of The American Legion continues to be a leader in donations to the Foundation and we have also exceeded the $6,900,000.00 plus mark in donations since we began raising funds for this vital program. We are closing in fast towards 7 million dollar mark and expect to reach this goal within the next year.

 Through your efforts, we will again provide grants through The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation during October 2016.  Your untiring efforts and fundraising for the Sons of The American Legion is superb and have brought special meaning to “devotion to mutual helpfulness”.  This report will be used for computations of awards to be given at the National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I look forward to seeing you at National Convention in Cincinnati and hope we can continue this effort again next year for this very worthy cause. 

OUR NATIONAL CHARITY - Child Welfare Foundation

CMDR. Mike "BUBBA" Talty & Squadron 27 Issue a Challenge to ALL Squadrons for CWF 2016-2017 Goal of $100,000.00 and we did it!

For 2017-2018, CMDR. Matt Griffis has issued a challenge and set a goal of $50,000.00 to be raised for our National Charity...

Child Welfare Foundation...Let's do this!

Child Welfare FAQs

What is the CWF?
The Child Welfare Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation which has two primary purposes. First, to contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of children and youth through the dissemination of knowledge about new and innovative organizations. Second, the CWF makes wider and more effective use of knowledge already possessed by well-established organizations. To attain these goals, the CWF raises money and awards grants to organizations which help children. The CWF is governed by its Board of Directors and a National Chairman. All administrative costs of the Child Welfare Foundation are borne by The American Legion so that 100% of all money raised for the Foundation is used exclusively for grants.

How does an organization get a grant from the CWF?
Any organization interested in being considered for a CWF grant must obtain a Grant Application Form from the National Headquarters, fill it out and return it.

How can I contact the CWF?
Questions, comments and donations can be sent to: 
The American Legion 
Child Welfare Foundation 
P.O. Box 1055 
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Does the CWF operate on a calendar year or a fiscal year?
The CWF operates on a fiscal year, which runs from June 1st thru May 31st.

I hear the S.A.L. is a major contributor to the CWF. Is this true?
Yes. The Sons of The American Legion is the single largest contributor to the CWF. This past year, the S.A.L. contributed more than $220,000 to the CWF. In less than a decade, the S.A.L. has accounted for more than $1 million to the CWF.

If the S.A.L. is such a large contributor, why isn't there a designated Foundation Board seat for the S.A.L.?
The current CWF Constitution and By-Laws do not provide for the addition of an S.A.L.-specific Board member. Such a change would impact the CWF's standing before the IRS which could cost the Foundation thousands of dollars. Perhaps it's important to note that the National Chairman of the CWF is David Ridenour, an active member of the S.A.L. who also serves as Chairman of the S.A.L. National Child Welfare Committee.

Can donations be made to the CWF as a memorial?
Yes. Memorial certificates are made for donations of $20 or more. Donations of $300 or more are recognized with plaques.  
How can we get CWF collection canisters, coffee cups and other CWF items to sell?
Contact the National Headquarters by phone: (317) 630-1202 and ask for the Child Welfare Foundation.

Can we get awards for selling CWF items?
Yes. Every year at the National Convention, the National Chairman gives out certificates to Detachments, Districts, Squadrons and individual members who have made significant donations to the CWF. Awards are also given out to recognize the Detachments which has made the largest per capita donations. These awards are given out at the National Convention:

- Garland R. Murphy, Jr. Award

   for the Detachment with the highest $$ donations 
- Mighty RAT

   for the Top RAT in the nation 
- Top Ten Award

    for the top ten Detachment dollar amounts 
- Foundation Alumni Network Plaques

   Bronze ($500), $750 (Silver), $1,000 (Gold) 
- Foundation Alumni Network Pins

   $100-199 (amethyst), $200-299 (blue sapphire), $300-399 (ruby), $400-499 (emerald), $500-999 (diamond), $1,000-or more (5 diamonds)

Child Welfare Foundation Website